hey there, friends!
whew – it's been hectic around here –
please forgive my lack of melanie's market goodness updates!

man-o-man. need a fantastic raisin muffin for the morning?
these little beauties were amazingly tasty
and not like those muffins from weis
that pack in some serious sugar and calories.
(plus, who knows what some of those bizarre-o
hard-to-pronounce ingredients are in there? yikes!)

point is – get them from melanie and feel happy, not freaked out!

in the essence of spring she made this lovely little pound cake
with sweet little robin eggs on top.

as always she had beautiful flowers –
looking like the perfect st.patty's bouquet, huh?
mmmm i'm like a koala for eucalyptus.

two types of energy bars which i personally love.
packing in protein minus the sugar? yes, thank you.

our little tasting of the week was the spring pound cake and the raisin muffin.
both were amazing as always. i hope to get a bunch of those muffins this week (along with my usual: lavender cookies).

oh how i love this little adventure.
every week i can't wait until thursday rolls around.
i do my printing in the morning and then head to the market
to treat myself for working so hard.
hope all of you are making time to do the same...


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