the z-town made collective in action! here we are at the from scratch indie market. {please forgive the photos - i used my iphone for these shots}

so, here's are booth... this was our first time mixing everything together for a craft show. i think this shot actually has something from everyone in it!

some cards and jen's new hex-sign totes! also showing some of sara's new xmas towels in the corner there...

see our cool little z-town made postcards...

below is my custom banner with chez's sweet little strawberries!

here's sara's awesome apron on kimberly-sized cowgirl without her guns...

check out chez's lovely crafts getting shopped on!

jen's awesome blankets and new screen printed hex-sign towels!

all in all is was a fun day filled with great music, food and company. the only bummer all day was not having our missing link: skylark studio xoxoxoxoxox

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