girl after my own heart! tundradear has created a necklace called kitsune – which is what i named my mini-fox cat-dog! we resecued her last year and after reading about fox spirit folklore we named her accordingly. check out this excerpt: "Kitsune is an animal supposed to be mysterious, fascinating, and mischevious. And he is believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to him, as seen in many tales, and is also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. He is enshrined as a god because of his supernatural power. He is endowed with the subtle art of metamorphosis, and he is able to bewitch men in the guise of a charming girl. An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is." - Kit LaHaise

here she is today all curled up, keeping warm. i know everyone thinks it of their own - but this little dog may be the best creature i've ever shared space with. (besides my husband who is equally in awe of her grace and affection)

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