so my hubby got us some work-perk tickets from nikonlive to see the decemberists at the tower in upper darby and i must say it was amazing! i'm not really a concert person but in this case i was in heaven... seated and intimate - just the way i like it. besides the fact that we got the best parking spot, walked in right as they were starting – only to find out we had perfect front and center tickets – the show would have been amazing from outside in the smoking section of the street. but the absolute best part overall was the band as people. they weren't ultra hipster cool – nor were they sulky or overly modest... they were just plain people that made you feel like you knew them. and the icing on the cake? they are funny – really funny. like good, unpretentious humor. gets me every time. beyond all the talents in the world – humor is my most favorite.

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