this morning was the most beautiful i've experienced in a long time. it went like this...
the temperature was perfect and the sunlight was shining brightly as walked down to check on our new chickens. (i'll follow up with some photos of them next week - that is if they're still around!)
{+ you can read here about our lovable flock that got eaten in 2 days just last month. }

and all of a sudden, there she was – the most amazing mother fox i've ever seen! maybe it was because i got within 5 feet from her before she noticed me – but staring at her in that sunlight today filled me with utter joy! despite the fact that she ate every one of my birds. even some that i raised from chicks. i was dumbfounded. it's just so funny how sometimes the things you wage war against – went met face-to-face – melt your heart and change you forever.
and with that, happy friday all –

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