this past saturday, just down the road in bowers i found an engine/tractor fair and was so intrigued! well, was i glad i stopped by – it just reinforced my love for the decoration and design you can find with old dutchy items - even pumps, tractors, engines and tools...

here are some of my favorites from the day –

old belt engine - love that hand painted keller logo

even the tractor seats are beautiful!

this guy had an incredible collection under this glass case!

some of our favs –

button mold

"staple-less" stapler... see how it punched and tucked the paper!? fantastic!

but our crazy favorite was this...

a photographer's birdie!
it's hard to tell from this video but this little brass bird moves it's wings and beak when you blow the tube. it also has water in it to create the warbling sounds. so neat.

on down the line we found these – i guess lots o corn = lots o huskers!

then around the corner came this incredible steam engine!
check out the video to see it in motion...

take note: in the background you can hear the caller for the "tractor square dance".
yep, couples on tractors square dancing whilst riding them. talk about country bumpkin!

ok well, i think i'll tie this up nicely with my all time favorite tractor...

a good old allis chambers!
happy monday, everyone –

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