hey folks!
just wanted to show a little craft project that i just completed over here...
so, we bought the house with this old whirlpool refrigerator that has definitely seen better days. other than it being old and rather small – it works great. unfortunately, the WORST part about it was it's outer looks. bluuuh. it had rust spots all over and even a sweet rusty hand swipe that just looked down right foul (as you can see picture below)...

totally appetizing right?

so, i sanded that puppy down, gave it 2 coats of chalkboard paint and
~ whaaaalaaa ~
it feels like a new fridge and makes me oh so very happy!

i would recommend this project for anybody
with a raggedy old fridge that just won't die.
make it over and don't forget to add the love.

happy friday, ya'll!

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