happy thursday!
just showing some new work today –
first, i've been working on this dog inspired project and have a few ideas brewing... if anyone has a good canine sayings/themes that would translate well for an illustration – please send it along!
here a few trial sketches on the popular:


also, i've had a couple inspiring customers lately asking for really great custom ideas and love them so much i may just have to offer it to the public!

this customer asked for a great swedish proverb to be fit into the classic homelove layout along with her friends names and wedding date. so nice, right? also, she requested using the america (north) color palette which i think turned out so perfectly. thanks, heidi! xoxoxo

and then this cool little lady asked for my each day calendar to be turned into a date marker of their anniversary. we circled their wedding day and added a little K+ G= LOVE at the bottom.
so sweet. thanks, kplusg!

great ideas are usually a collaboration - so don't be afraid to ask!

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