hooray! our very first christmas in the new house is becoming soooo fun! we never got a "real" tree in our past apartments - only the scrappy, charlie-brown styles. so, this year is our very first experience!

 just a mile down the road was this awesome little place i remembered walking the dog past in the summer. (i like to think of our tree growing back then in the hot sunny weather!) 
lenhart's tree farm is so beautiful and dutchy!

their barn was spectacular in the snow-glinting-sun and the workers were especially jolly for being out in the snow all day! i especially loved how they would tell you all about each kind of tree if you ask, and then you simply whistle them over when you find the special one...

i really love how tree farms have the hand painted signs everywhere. so nostalgic. 
ahhhhhh, how it reminds me of my good old sign painting days...

also these days they have new and incredible modern-style tree stands that make everything super easy! 
this one has a heavy rubber base with a steel rod that holds up to an 8' tree!

here's our bad boy all ready to get decorated! i'll be sure to post the finished product...


and while we're in the holiday spirit – check out my super easy and inexpensive house decor! 

i went to my all-time-favorite dollar general and picked up 5 of these really large holiday balls. then, i trimmed some greenery from the trees below, added a ribbon, and that's it! $1.50 a piece really beats the overpriced plastic wreaths out there!

keeping up that holiday cheer and inspiration! hope you are too! xoxoxo

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