artstar was great! even though the wind made us a little stressed at first... and my set-up wasn't what i had imagined because of it – i had a good time nonetheless. so thankful for my ztown girls! i don't think it would be something i would've done on my own and their company really made it bearable. super thanks to tent-mate kimberly scola of chez-sucre-chez who always has a calming tendency – even when she says she's freaking out. +extra thanks to her man for providing the bahama beach chair which made sitting feel like napping. and super thanks to karen stanford of skylark studio who also remains calm even when i run yellow lights and we get lost. i'll take trips with you anytime! craft show lessons learned: drinks and candy are the name of the game and always have a buddy to remind you not to be so serious. i love you guys! xoxoxoxox

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