all of these things are inspiring me today...

as always, a little bit o' pa german art.
more wedding banners in the works and coming soon!

vampire weekend.
i must admit it makes me feel old and a little and silly – but boy does that white sky song have something special to it. also, have a new respect after seeing them on an hbo special performing it live. wow, that high pitch yodel is no joke.

lenni lenape
i really just like to think about them in this area. we've read records that said there were many indians around when our house was built - along with many black bear. here's hoping the family that built this house were friends with both –

paul simon.
especially those lyrics: losing love is like a window in your heart.
everybody sees you're blown apart. everybody sees the wind blow.
any many others. special thanks to christin kelley –

happy friday people!

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