hey friends!
wow. all i can say is, lucky me. 
the other day i had a business meeting 
that went something like this...

the amazing and lovely phoebe of phoebe's pure foods 
had double dutch over for lunch while we talked about a new venture 
all about good food, friends, fashion and fun.

we started with simple syrup spritzers –
{strawberry mint: recipe to be found via phoebe}

and then munched on seeded crackers with radish butter 
and rustic breads with sweet strawberry butter. 
{radish butter? yes. it's crazy fresh and delicious. it's butter with crunch!}

i had some tea in one of her many beautiful tea cups...

with a little bit of rosemary honey from a local farm

and we talked for hours as i sipped her asparagus soup 
and ate my many pieces of bread smeared with the strawberry butter

we also got to taste test her two types of lemon curd 
and some of her new sweet dessert recipes with strawberry mousse.
oh, it was just so fantastic. if this is work i don't ever want to quit!

i can't wait to share what we've come up with for the future –
stay tuned...

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