happy friday, friends!
whew i'm a bit behind on the updates –
here's some from the last couple weeks on project: sunroom...

it's really coming together! 
we've got a roof and passed the electrical inspection. 
will stone and his buddies are so awesome to have working here. 
they have happy attitudes and the work is clean, well done and professional. 
plus they are generous giving love to kritter as she supervises...

the can lights went up in the overhang the other night 
and it really gave us a thrill to see what this may all be like when finished. 
um. can you say deck party!?

meanwhile, kritter took a beginners agility class at 
awesome dawgs and got a little certificate.
i'm so proud. she's pretty chill about it.

plus i filled my second nation wide fab order and sent it along –
thanks so much to my new customers. hope you love your purchases!

picking blueberries tonight with DD and more to come with our new project...
have a great weekend and stay cool!

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