oh, it's my favorite time of the year!
and now that our babe is finally with us – it's even more fun.

these days we explore the yard afternoon and this week it got super interesting. 
the milkweeds are doing their thing and all the coolness that comes with it...
{click photos to look closer}

totally cool.
(i love that all the things that hang with the milkweed are poisonous to eat and show themselves to be that way in bright orange and black. danger colors are rad.)

showing Lu the fun of spreading the milkweed seeds!

hunting for more interesting stuff...

more poison. good to look up and read about so that little peeps don't eat.
such beautiful colors and not so dangerous looking, eh? 
hmmm. kinda looks delicious. 
extra caution in the years to come...

checking out the fish...

and we found a wooly bugger!

did you know they turn into this guy?

• • • •

after much exploring Lu zones out.
usually it's followed by a nap where the downloading process happens.

can't believe her 1st birthday is just 3 weeks away.

soaking it up before winter comes...

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