oh happy day!!!!
i feel like i've just struck GOLD.
the mother load of gold. if you get what i'm saying.

my hubs and i were talking about our favorite records from childhood 
and decided to buy them for our daughter. 
{his and mine}

listening to them has been so fun and heartwarming 
i decided to look for more–
and what did i find? yep. as i said before... gold.

of free downloadable mp3s of children's vinyl record series.

 all kinds of wonderfully narrated stories for you and the kids to listen to!
gah, i'm loving it.
put them on while you play, draw, wrap presents, take a bath, eat a snack –
whatever. just put them on and you'll see.

this morning on the stereo it was like i was transformed in time to the best times in my childhood.
i remember our humming stereo, the orange shaggy carpet, 
and the potted plant by the window of our old house.
the recordings wake up my imagination and memories so intensely.
it's like proust phenomenon to my ears.

hope you partake and enjoy.

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