i'm so excited! one of my new projects for 2010 is to illustrate some of my favorite photos of our ancestors...  keegan's grandma is so diligent at researching their genealogy and has collected lots of information to pass down. a couple years back while visiting her in indiana keegan scanned in dozens of the antique family photos she has tracked down over the years. starting with my favorites i'm trying to make paintings and illustrations inspired by them all...

{my first painting inspired by keegan's great, great, great grandmother on his mother side. 
she's such an inspiring dutch beauty!}

{so, inspired by her dress and face i made a small series called the three dutch sisters... 
it's so fun to imagine this world of women!}

i'm about to put these prints up for sale at the shop. 
not sure if anyone will be interested (especially since they're 
much more enjoyable in person) but i'll give it a go! xoxoxoxo

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