sheesh! it's been crazy around here for me since the new year! all that hustling in 09 is really catching up with me...  2010 is really starting off to be so great for my little business!
however, i'm never too busy to help a friend or honor the appreciated... 
{above: poster/flyer made for a local friend who's about to battle cancer with no health insurance.  just another reason kutztown is my favorite place to live – when a fellow friend is in need... people come out of the woodwork.  so, if you're in the area come on out and see the big lebowski on the 15th! and below: shirley sacks (the sweetest little lady who owned and operated crewel world for the last 30-some years) is retiring and regretfully closing-up-shop so, the people have come together to honor her with a certificate of appreciation... made by little ol' me!

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