hey there folks! i just wanted to give this little update since i've had to wait a while before i could say for sure –
it's official, the geese are gone for good!

if you have a pond (or know of a pond nearby) you may have had or seen issues with canadian geese – and it ain't fun. well, when we moved in we were sharing our 3 acres with 3 families of geese who would each have 4-6 babies in the spring.

i know this sounds kind-of awesome and seeing the babies was great... at first... until the amount of poop started piling up. (geese put out a ton of poop per day, times that by 18 and we're talking serious poop-city!)

anyway, after trying all the humane ways possible we finally found a system that works!

so here's the secret: 1 happy dog + 1 old canoe.

yup, that's it. we let our old canoe float around aimlessly all day – which works for the majority of the time. and when they really tried to come back to nest and keep their babies (which they do for a couple days this spring) i had kitsune swim/chase after them for hours. she could never quite catch them but kept them constantly on their toes which eventually made it so they didn't want to come back.
so, i'm thinking i may have a new business venture.
i think i'll call us: 1 happy dog + 1 old canoe = 1 ecstatic and goose-free you.

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