oh boy! it's been such a busy summer and the wedding season has been seriously bumpin' around here! amidst all of that – i've barely had time to post anything new (+ i know some particular family members have been looking for what's news in this neck-o-the-woods) so here you go!


every other morning kitsune and i have been walk/jogging 5 miles!

– action shots –

here's a fuzzy shot of my favorite farm on top of our hill where i can see the blue mountains and even steam from limerick!

side note: did you know there is a boutique in tokyo called kitsune - and i LOVE it!!


ok back to the homestead...

the chickens are doing well and giving us 4 beautiful eggs everyday!

and we've cut them out a new tree for shade next spring.

also, we've been doing some deck gardening while we clean up the real garden –

i've been busy propagating willow trees, irish moss, red clover, rosemary, basil, succulents and more!

green peppers growing

and little tomatoes, too!

thoughts for next year...

we plan to add coturnix quails

and escargot snails to the farm!

xoxoxox wish us luck xoxoxox
happy tuesday all!

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