hey party people! here's a bit more from the old homestead –
so many things are happening i can barely keep up. 

such as.... frog eggs!
big clusters of these eggs are all along the pond edge. 
{click on the images for a close up}
oh, can't wait for the millions of tadpoles to come...

let's just hope the monster bass don't eat all the eggs
and tiny tadpoles before they can grow big.
check out that bass keegan's dad caught this weekend.
and that was the small one!

also, we're thinking about trying to raise some koi 
in the pond and went to check some out on sunday.
how beautiful would that be to have all those colors swimming around! 
{love this image from CA state university}

and what better way to view all this pond awesomeness 
but from a new sunroom!
keegan ripped down our old rotten shed last weekend 
and a new sunny vantage point will be resurrected in it's place. 
boy, that thing was rotten, leaky and had crazy nests of all sorts – thank goodness it's gone.
(check out how the house used to be plastered at some point in it's past. 
so glad someone reclaimed the stone and re-pointed it back to it's original beauty.)

and see the old door left behind?
that passes through into the pantry
and comes out the red door in the kitchen.
hmmm still trying to figure out a cool way to paint that door... any suggestions?

well, that's it for now – check back again for more
and happy beginning to the week!

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