um yeah. that's our bees swarming.

so, we went to check on them one evening
and to my dismay they were in a ball in the tree buzzing like mad.
(the cluster was about the size of a droopy basketball and it made all of the hair on my arms stand up when i realized what i was hearing. for me the sound of the buzzing is the most panic inducing part of being near or surrounded by the bees.)
luckily keegan "caught" them and put them in a hive box before the sun went down. it was an amazing experience i'd rather not have again until i know we have an epi-pen in the fridge.

{what's so amazing is they swarm like this and decide for a few days where their new home will be by sending scouts and debating with dance. crazy, right? bees are soooo cool to live with and experience but still wildly frightening to me. check here for more about swarming.}