so, we've had this illustration in our house since we bought it from the previous owner. people always asked about it and we loved to look at it and imagine how the house might have been back in 1880...

then one morning we see this article
we were so excited to finally find out more about the image we've had all this time. 

turns out fredrick brader (check out his exhibit website) was a vagabond traveling around offering illustrations for room and board back in the 1800s. how awesome.
(one of my favorite parts about these illustrations is that brader would stay in the barn and always draw himself in the doorway. it was so neat to find him there!)

so we ordered a book about him... 

and found our house illustrated inside...

also we've contacted the exhibit curators to let them know that we live in the rockland township house.
they were so excited since they've been trying to piece together the actual homesteads with the illustrations for their exhibition. sooooo neat!

i just LOVE our home so much and this just makes it even better. this place really does have a super happy vibe and i think it may be the 7 children of the youse family who keep it so light around here.

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Penn and Janet said...

This is really neat, Mel!!!