back again with the artstar details!
as usual, the 8th annual artstar craft bazaar was amazing. all the great philly folk came out in the rain on saturday – skipping around in their golashes – and we got so lucky with sun all day on sunday, hooray! this is by far my most favorite craft show. the girls who run it are soooo awesome and there's always such a nice, friendly vibe. people help each other and happy volunteers are always there to truck your stuff back and forth. plus pina coladas and fantastic oatmeal/cranberry cookies... what could be better!?
here's some pics from the iphone.

my lovely booth partner in crime – kimberly, of chez sucre chez – just stitching away.

customers shopping her fantastic wares.

here's my side getting shopped upon.

i tried a new set-up with posters pinned up between twine
and only one framed wall this year for more of a consolidated pack job.

thanks to all the friends who helped me get ready or stopped out to see the booth. i'll definitely be back next year! and thanks again artstar – you guys rock!

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