wow-wee it's been a while!
sorry for my little disappearance over the last week –
a lot has been going on and i can barely keep up...

first off, we got our bees!
2 sundays ago we picked up our order at the LCCC campus. it was really awesome to see all the bees that came up from georgia in a little horse trailer...

with about 20 bees on the outside of the box keegan asked me to hold them for the trip back home and my eyes must've shown my utter fear.
i get crazy when there is one little bee buzzing around in the car, let alone 20-30!
luckily he brushed off the excess girls and let me drive while he kept them safe.

when we got home HM came over and helped him insert the queen and release the rest into the hive. my heart raced while they did their thing. (sorry for the blown-out photos. i could barely get a good shot since i still can't seem to figure out this white balance on a super sunny day.)

here's the queen in her little chamber! (she's the big one with the white dot)
over the next few days her servants take care of her as they eat their way out to be greeted by the rest of the hive...

kritter was really inquisitive and would occasionally snap around the air trying to get them in her teeth. i stayed back and watched through the lens mostly.

after a couple days they seem to be hard at work and happy.
queen bee is out of her box and the hive is at a light hum all day long.
so, after all that it wasn't so bad.
no jumping in the pond... yet!

with all the things that can go wrong like mites and mold
we need all the luck we can get for this new hive.
go little bees – i would surely like to eat your honey!

at least for now i know they have
a happy home – just like us.

more tomorrow on art star and my perky little planter garden!
xoxoxoxox 'til then.

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