just a look at the planter garden this year...

since our garden is STILL up for debate
(i say flowers and picnic table - hubs says mostly garden)
our little planter garden on the deck will have to do for now. and i might just stick with this forever since it requires no weeding. yup you heard right, NO WEEDING! ain't that the tops?

last year i did similar groupings of pretty plants and veggies.

this year i've got green onions going next to cantaloupe! crazy right? well, i'll probably have to do some switching once things get bigger but it's working out great so far. hopefully i'll be growing the melons down the side of the deck... i'll let you know how that works out.

here's some sweet peas ready to climb up my brightly colored cages!

and you can't forget the herbs!

out in the non-garden i got a blueberry bush popping.
let's hope the birds don't get them before i do!

plus, i was really lucky this winter keeping all my house plants alive indoors! FINALLY!
in the past i've killed so many plants just a few months after bringing them in. i think i'd over water and then under water - which made them very sad. plus i don't think they ever had enough light. this time i managed to water appropriately (less at first and then progressively more) and get them enough sun so only just a few were lost.

here's a few beauties...

plump jade!

happy cacti!

and super potent citronella that loved the big pot i put it in last year.
perfect deck buddy when the bugs come out - just pick and rub all over!

also, last year on my walk i found wild chamomile and brought it home.
it loves our red rock driveway and has been spreading everywhere.

here it is getting ready to bud!
plus some other pretties from around the yard...

whew, ok that's it for now. i'll update the progress!

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