happy friday, ya'll!
what a week – it's been one of those that makes me feel like i just can't seem to keep up!

the major highlight has been a little story with a sale over at sometimes sweet – the lovely author/creator, danielle wrote a happy little post about me and i have given the readers a celebratory discount on my nursery and kiddo collections! hop over and check it all out. no need to do anything, simply purchase the one you like via her blog! hooray!

also, double dutch has some fun new items in the shop for fall –
i've created a selection of recipe cards and market lists that i'm hoping some of you may like!

{pack of 5 recipe cards in blueberry, dill leaf, dill flower and parsley - only $8}

{wood clip board with 20 market list sheets - only $12}

both were inspired by our new adventure bloom and if you're interested 
they're there just waiting for a happy kitchen to fly off to!
they also make great gifts in a basket, stocking or thank you for a fabulous thanksgiving dinner.

(also if you love that little embroidered hand towel in the photos 
check out chez sucre chez to get your own.)

also, on a last note of love and sweetness 
my 6th wedding anniversary is this sunday...
it's been the best 6 years of my life with my best friend
and it just keeps getting better.

can't wait to celebrate!

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