hello friends!
hope all of you are doing well on this lovely warm and rainy day. 
something about this weather makes me feel super content and calm –
currently i'm really enjoying working in the low light and mild temperature. 
no air-conditioning, no fan, no heat. just stillness. ahhhh it's so very nice.

so, here's a little more update from around my parts.
our little bloom project had a great spot at the fall fest and the weather was amazing!
even though i was thoroughly beat from just sitting around (see my big-bellied self below) i really had a great time talking to people and making some great connections.

furthermore i got to see my latest logo work in action
and fell in love all over again!

here's the scoop: i created phoebe's pure food logo a couple months ago 
and have been waiting until now to show it off. hope you like it!

phoebe's love of blueberries and purist of intentions with her foods hopefully shows through in this happy blueberry bush design i created for her. the white "dove" in the bush is there to symbolize the purity of the food and is frankly... just too stinkin' cute to go without.

i love to make a logo that can be just as beautiful when used vertically
as well as horizontally...

and you can't forget about it looking good in black and white...

here's the logo used as a stamp for her product bags she had at the fest–
so pretty, right!? mmm i wish i was drinking that tea right now!
check out more of what phoebe had there at the bloom blog.

{+ click on the photo for a detailed view}

• • • • • •

last but not least – my husband and i got to give back 
to a very special lady in my heart...
alex milspaw started helping me a while back after i talked with her about a book i was reading focused on mind, body and infertility. alex knew all about what i was going through and even how to help via her wonderful relaxation recordings. after listening to them and having a recording created just for me i was hooked and forever thankful. so, when she decided to create a professional recording, keegan and i helped any way that we could! 

keegan did all the studio recordings and i made a simple design for the sleeve...


and if you're suffering from any sort of chronic pain, infertility, anxiety or just want a way to really slow down, relax, and be mindful on a daily basis

oh, how i love making beautiful things for beautiful people!
i'm so lucky. i must remember it and be thankful everyday.

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