hey party people –
we are finally back from our fantastic beach vacation!
check out some highlights below...

it was so very much needed and will be the very last one 
(for just the three of us) before this baby comes. 
oh, how excited we are!

and just to add to the excitement going on around here
(as if that's possible!) i've got some major stuff a brewin' in the work department –

first off, during my vacation i participated in another fab.com sale.
 i feel so happy and thankful to the fab team to be reaching more and more customers every day! special thanks to my parents for helping me get my merchandise in gear. xoxo

and second, a little secret has finally been let out of the bag. 
we have officially soft-launched a little project called  bloom where you are 

created by myself and two of the most awesome ladies i've met this year.
{also known as: phoebe and christin}

remember this post?  well, we've collected our thoughts, wound them up, and are now letting them go– check us out here and on facebook and if you're in the west reading area tomorrow for fall fest 
please come see our pop-up-shop outside of hello bluebird from 1-3pm.

i just can't say how much i am loving how this fall is starting out. 
i do have a feeling it's going to be the best. one. ever.
but it's not like i've ever said that before...

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