so, this year at thanksgiving my grandma brought
a bunch of these gingham aprons and let us choose our favorites...
the pics are from the impromptu photo shoot (thanks, aunt mary!)
(some were delicate, some had pockets, some were pleated,
some were just simple and fun,
and the long red one even had a long poem about pa dutch life!)
{click on the photos to see in detail}

as it turns out, my great-aunt martha made these aprons
by the dozens and i can see why – they're so fun, cute and easy!
i love them! she chose such great color combos,
obviously got really into it, and ended up making this
lovely collection which we were all so thankful for!
agggg! i can't wait to curl up this winter by the fire and make my own...
after checking out all the details i see how truly great they are.
why so great, you might ask?
1) the gingham checks help you create your own pattern and keep it straight.
2) you can use small gingham and make lettering to make it special!
3) choosing bright colors and contrasting thread means you can use the pattern over and over but each one can be unique and special!
4) i find in projects like this that keeping simple structure can actually allow for more creativity and all the love will be in the details!

here's to continuing the tradition –
oh, my great grandkids/nieces will be so happy some day...

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