hello there!
so here's a lengthy catch-up post from my part of the woods –

first, look at that pretty bird. sheesh do i LOVE my chickens. i mean come on, just the other day i was bringing them hot oatmeal and thinking what spoiled chickens i have – but boy do they pay me pay back in funny company. they all have such wonderful personality!
{click on this image to experience full-blown sass}

we brought their hen house up close to the garden this fall to be sure they're safe and comfy when it gets really cold.
hopefully they'll lay all winter like our past birds.

best part about them up by the house is they'll all come to hang
while we stack wood or do yard work.

here's miss D supervising...

and even using the nest box like a good girl...

what else can i say. they're awesome.

and speaking of awesome - know who's really awesome?
my friend christin kelley!
look at these fantastic mitcher's whiskey pedestal mugs she gave me for my birthday!


also, christin and i made the most amazingly easy DIY xmas gift project ever.
here's our little review...
hand-made vanilla extract

got these great glass flasks at reading china and glass for a $1 a piece!

(you could use any bottles but these were our most favorite)

then all you need is inexpensive vodka and vanilla beans!

slice each bean down the center.

next fill the jar with vodka and plunk the beans in!
(also you can make some cosmos while you work)

then you just let them sit in a cool dark place for 2 months.
perfect, cause that's exactly how much we have 'til xmas.
scary, huh?

so, we super duper recommend this DIY. it was so fun and easy and there was no mess to clean up in the end. plus. vanilla extract can be so expensive so anyone who gets a big bottle like this will be thrilled. i also plan to make an illustrated how-to tag so everyone who gets one can make their own once it's gone. how fun, right?
i'll post the tags and completed bottles once they're finished.

whew, ok that was a good catch-up – now back to work for me!
hope you're having a great day,

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