hey again friends,
hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

so, in leu of the time of year –
i have to give up some thanks for the support i've been receiving lately...

first off, the artstar craft bazaar holiday show was great! i've actually gotten so many notes, orders, and contacts afterwords that it totally would have been worth it even if i didn't sell a thing while i was there. gotta love that.

one of those little notes was from ladyott saying she was going to post my goods as one of her favs from the show! hooray! thanks lady ott!

(and check out that other featured artist –
my lovely tent-mate chez sucre chez!)

plus, i've been spotted in berks county living magazine!
labeled as one of the best in berks – wowee! my very first magazine spotting.

+ lucky me – i'll be in the next wedding issue of berks county living magazine featuring unique wedding items! thanks so much BCL, you're really making my season!

check back soon for my next post about my great-aunt martha's amazing cross-stitch aprons!

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