this past weekend we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday!
and i guess we've started a little tradition of making heartfelt/tear-jerking slide shows – here are some of my favorites from my mom's early life ...

{1 year old. love the leg rolls.}

{i think this was 4th grade. so cute.}

{the famous raccoon friend that walked across my grandmother's painting as it was drying.}

{such a beautiful graduation photo!}

it's really a lovely thing to put photos to music and see how powerful it can be. i'm realizing more and more how important taking photos is for the people who come after you. every time i find a new picture of my parents from the past it shows me a little more into who they were outside of being my mom or dad and i find that so important now.
thank goodness for milestones and reflections.
i love you, mom!

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